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Latest News
Replaced Semaphore Lib

By: calsa
On: 2004-06-08

Replaced Tom Wagner's Semaphore library with the POSIX standard semaphore types.

Also fixed up a few problems with the hash table.

Also switched to BSD license. Licensing was in limbo for a while 'cos I didn't feel comfortable with GNU Public License restrictions. BSD as I understand it allows anyone to use the library as they please for any reason(including commercially). The project is still in a very early stage and has experienced only 30 odd downloads so I don't think there is any issue with changing the license. Has anyone every read this anyway?

Website Up And Running

By: calsa
On: 2003-04-20

This is the very first news item, so not a lot to say. The website is now up and running, and the first release of ctrace is available via the downloads section of the site.
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