System Requirements
CTrace is a fast lightweight trace/debug library designed specifically for use in multi-threaded applications. It is written in C and uses POSIX threads. You download the source and run an automated makefile to create the library.

It should compile and run on most Linux/Unix distributions and any system with ANSI C and POSIX threads, though to date it has only been tested on the following systems:

  • Red Hat Linux
  • Cygwin

The makefiles use pattern matching and were written and tested using the GNU Make utility. The library is lightweight and consists of only one header and one source file, so you can easily write your own makefile if the make utility you are using produces an error.

Current Release 1.1

This is the current release of the CTrace library. It has been tested, though not extensively, and has been found to be stable. That is to say, it has run on a multi-threaded computer telephony server for seven days straight without crashing. It's not to say it wont crash if you run it. Developers are encouraged to download and test the product. Feedback is appreciated, in fact it is essential in developing a fully operational trace library. Please post any positive or negative feedback on the forums accessible from this site.

CTrace (Release 1.2):
[ .tar.gz(compressed source tarball) ]

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